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automatic motorcycle transmission, drag news racing, drag newsfeeds racing, drag newsfeeds racing rss, drag nhra nostalgic racing, drag nhra photo racing, drag nhra racing, drag nhra racing schedule, drag nhra racing stock super, drag nostalgia racing, drag online racing. A young boy growing up in Morristown, New Jersey, John Winters, Sr. showed a great deal of interest in automobiles and, in particular, the racecars. During his childhood and into his adolescence, vehicles were a great source of entertainment. This interest developed into a career, as J.W. Performance Transmissions will celebrate its 28th year in the automotive after market industry.Upon graduating from Hanover Park High School, John embarked on his career at a local car dealership in New Jersey. He was married at the age of 20 to Helen Poole, and started a family in New Jersey. Over the next five years their son and daughter, John, Jr. and Tracy were born. John, Sr. worked two jobs to support his family. He worked at the local dealership and at a small gas station, pumping gas. In 1970 the family decided to move to Florida. At first they settled in Fort Lauderdale and then later relocated to Merritt Island, Florida. John, Sr. secured employment with a local GM car dealership where he rebuilt automatic transmissions and provided other repairs for customers. After a brief period with the dealership, General Motors requested to audit his work. The auditors could not fathom how he could manufacture so many transmissions with such efficiency. When the audit team concluded the meeting, John, Sr. was offered and accepted a position as a “trouble shooter” for General Motors. He attended many training classes for G.M. John, Sr. would be called out when a problem existed that engineers and builders could not solve with a transmission. John would bring a resolution to the problem and provide feedback to General Motors. ( See right photo of John Sr. and Helen Winters during their first year of marriage and John Sr. at the General Motors dealership in Florida.) During 1976 John, Sr. decided to open his own automatic transmission repair business and build high performance automatic racing transmissions for the local racers. The business was started while he was earning only a weekly paycheck from the local General Motors dealership. John, Sr. traveled to races in the Southeastern United States to promote his products and knowledge. During this same time he also campaigned a drag racing vehicle in the stock division at NHRA National and Divisional events. This campaign included the NHRA Southern Nationals in Georgia and the NHRA Gatornationals in Florida. David Crume, a family friend, had the honor of participating in the TRW All-Star Series driving the vehicle campaigned by J.W. Performance. During the 1980’s the business expanded too rapidly to continue campaigning the vehicle. It was necessary for John, Sr. to concentrate on the operation and the increasing growth and demand for the J.W. Performance products. Over the next few years the business flourished and racers from around the Southeast were learning about the superior transmissions and converters John Winters built. During 1983 J.W. Performance constructed a 10,000 square foot building at 1826 Baldwin Street in Rockledge, Florida. With a surge in business about 6 years later, further expansion was required and an additional 10,000 square feet were added to the facility. This past year J.W. Performance Transmissions has completed construction on a new 20,000 square foot facility, adding growth to their operation. The total square footage is currently 40,000.Presently the entire Winters family is involved in the operation of the business. John, Jr. (39), manages the transmission and valve body departments and Tracy, (36), performs the function of Vice-President of Sales/Marketing and business development. Helen, the wife of John, Sr. for thirty-seven years, has assumed the role of Vice-President and comptroller. John, Sr., founder and CEO continues to develop new and innovative product designs. John also coordinates directly with the production operations manager and the torque converter builders.. W. Performance Transmissions, Inc. began it's operation in 1976 with one goal in mind: To provide the highest quality product and customer service in the business. Our goal has not changed and we continue to offer our customers the highest quality product with the best customer service.Located in Rockledge Florida, J.W.'s 40,000 square foot operation has steadily expanded with product innovations such as "The Wheel", "Ultra-Bell", and the "Ultra-Case". J.W.'s founder John Winters Sr. continues to improve the company with his product development and testing of new products. This development shows in every highly engineered J.W. product. The second generation of this family owned and operated company, which is continuing with the same spirit and goals that John Winters Sr. started the company with in 1976, will lead this company into the future. With our small company values, combined with our leading technology, you get the best product available while receiving personal attention.The second generation of Winters are being groomed to take over the corporation. John, Jr. is an avid bracket racer who offers a great deal of insight for new products and new designs. Additionally he brings the racer’s perspective to the company. Tracy is involved in D.R.A.W., an organization to help racers, and presides as a member of the board of Trustees. She also serves on the SEMA MPMC Council. Tracy assumes an active role with her involvement in the industry, including the preservation and expansion of the industry. Over the past ten years the company has grown considerably with the introduction of new products and an aggressive marketing approach. automatic motorcycle transmission, drag pic racing, drag picture racing, drag pinoy racing, drag pro racing stock, drag puerto racing rico, drag racing, drag racing rc, drag racing sand, drag racing school, drag racing shirt. automatic motorcycle transmission, drag racing sound, drag racing stock super, drag racing street, drag racing street video, drag racing texas, drag racing tip, drag racing tire, drag racing track, drag racing truck, drag racing underground