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  • TH350 Video


            Just hot off the press a new “How To Build” a TH350 video and DVD has been released.  The video provides an insight into the assembly and tips on how to rebuild a TH350 automatic transmission.    The video or DVD provides over one hour of detailed instructions on how to build a TH350 transmission.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced builder this video will be helpful and worth the investment.

            The “How to Build a TH350” video or DVD retails at only $30.00.  The part numbers are 92077-T3 for the video and 92077-T3D for the DVD. Also available are the “How to Build a Powerglide” video and DVD.  The part numbers for these items are: 92077-V and 92077-CD.  For details call 321-632-6205 Extension 3 or